Spirit of the Buffalo Camp

Communities have opposed the Line 3 pipeline for years, and governments and regulators have continuously prioritized profits over people. Now we must support peaceful resistance on the frontlines to stop this destructive pipeline.


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Line 3 is a new $8.2 billion oil pipeline set to be built along the route of a smaller, existing pipeline from the Alberta oil sands, across the prairies and through southern Manitoba, to the shores of Lake Superior. The new pipeline has been billed as a replacement for the existing, aging infrastructure, but in reality is a massive expansion that will nearly double the capacity to 760,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

This pipeline means expansion of the tar sands. It threatens our climate, water, land, and communities. It violates Indigenous rights, and is widely opposed by many Nations along the route.

Frontline land defenders are leading the fight in Manitoba. This struggle needs your support, in whatever capacity you can help.

Support Spirit of the Buffalo, a peaceful land defence against the Line 3 pipeline:

  1. Join the resistance in person - Organizers have called for people of all nations and backgrounds to join the camp and help uphold the resistance on the frontlines.
  2. Donate to Spirit of the Buffalo - They are seeking financial support to buy supplies, including gas cards, shade structures, solar generators, food, and water.  This supply list will be updated regularly, but the organizers are asking that people make donations towards supplies rather than sending the supplies themselves, to ensure the right materials and amounts are purchased. Donations can be made on the MEJC donation page here: https://www.mbenergyjustice.org/donate and will be used entirely to support the frontline organizers, with remaining funds being held for a legal defence fund. 
  3. Spread the word - Follow Spirit of the Buffalo on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Spirit-of-the-Buffalo-193174971349463/ and follow MEJC on facebook, twitter, and instagram, and help amplify the calls to action and updates as they come in from the frontline.  Sign up for our newsletter and encourage friends and family to do the same. Talk about Line 3 with your friends and family and educate them on why this is a critical moment to fight against this violent project.


Spirit of the Buffalo Camp
Spirit of the Buffalo Camp