Together We Can Achieve Climate Justice

Our work is tough. We're up against governments and corporations with well-funded agendas and powerful networks. Fighting back means we have to pool our time, energy, ideas and resources in creative ways.  Not all of our supporters are in a position to contribute financially to MEJC campaigns, but if you are, it's one of the great ways you can get involved.

Thanks for considering a donation. We're stronger together, and that includes out financial resources. Here are some ways that you can support MEJC work:

Become a Sustainer

By becoming a monthly donor, you'll be helping MEJC carry out its regular activities.  No donation is too small. Click here to learn more.

Make a One-Time Donation

If you're fired up about one of our main issues or campaigns, you can click here to make a one-time donation online and add fuel to our fight.

Donate by Mail

In addition to options to donate online, you can send cheques by mail to:

MB Energy Justice Coalition
P.O. Box 26134
Maryland Postal Outlet 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3G 3R3

Thank you for supporting the work of Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC). Please contact us by email with any questions about donations, volunteering, and other ways to get involved!