Green New Deal


Discover a Green New Deal for Manitoba

The climate crisis requires a rapid and far-reaching response. Economic crisis and social injustice require a response that addresses the climate crisis at the same time. A Green New Deal is a sweeping set of changes that demands radical, systemic change that leaves no one behind.  MEJC engages in advocacy and education to help secure a pan-Canadian Green New Deal as a central piece of Canada’s Covid-19 response.

Our priorities are:

  •       70% emissions reductions by 2030
  •       Centering Black, Indigenous, People of Colour
  •       Indigenous Sovereignty
  •       Social Justice
  •       A just transition
  •       International Solidarity and Migrant Justice

Green New Deal Info Night

Get excited about a Green New Deal in this info night hosted by MEJC!

When: Late April

Where: Zoom

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MEJC stands with allied organizations locally and nationally in the fight for a Green New Deal and builds support by engaging in local outreach activities. Join the MEJC mailing list to find opportunities to get involved, or come to our weekly meetings.

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Green New Deal
Green New Deal