Manitoba is on Fire: Climate Rally in Winnipeg

Join at 5PM on Wednesday September 8th

Picture of masses of people behind text Manitoba On Fire Day of Action September 8

Meet outside CBC Building (541 Portage Ave)

After a summer of drought, wildfire smoke, and climate refugees from northern communities living in Winnipeg hotels, it should be obvious that this federal election needs to be about addressing the climate emergency. The day before the federal leaders debate for the upcoming election, let's bring the issue of climate change front and centre.

On September 8th at 5PM, we will demand emergency-level climate action. Join us to call on all federal parties to commit to:
🛑 stop building pipelines
🛑 stop funding fossil fuels
✅ start investing in a Green New Deal


Similar actions will be happening on the same day in dozens of other communities across the country, echoing the same message: after a summer of wildfires, heat, and drought, we need transformative climate action now.🔥


Public health protocol will be followed. Please wear masks and stay physically distant where possible. Bring signs and noisemakers (pots / pans / etc.)


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Mark your calendars! Climate rally in downtown Winnipeg on Wednesday September 8th at 5PM.
Manitoba is on Fire: Climate Rally in Winnipeg