WINNIPEG World Water Day RALLY : Provincial Day of Action on Hydro and Water

All energy has a price, and it's time for Winnipeg to learn whose been putting in the energy and at what cost!


Do you think it is being treated with respect?


You are invited to join us on March 22nd, World Water Day, to address the social, cultural, economic, and environmental impacts to our water, caused by hydropower, pollution, oil spills, and Winnipeg's drinking water that comes from Shoal Lake 40. It is a day for us to come together and talk about the significance of water in our everyday lives. This event will be an opportunity for people to show their support for hydro-impacted and other front line communities and ask for more responsible handling of our public utilities and infrastructure; To demand respect for our water. We will be hearing stories from those directly affected by hydro and other projects from across the province.

5:30 pm Meet at Hydro Building
6:00pm March to Legislative Building
6:30pm Gather at Legislature to hear speakers and call for action from government

We will be starting with a rally at the Manitoba Hydro Building Courtyard and then march to the Manitoba Legislature, where there will be a few more speakers. 

Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba government are two forces that control the water in this province.

Speakers will share they experiences and knowledge to help inform and engage our communities about water issues.  Together we will learn more about the impacts of Hydro Damns and pollution and what we can do about it. 

A water ceremony will be conducted by Sonia Spence, a birthing helper and a community member from Pimicikamak, also known as Cross Lake, located near Jenpeg Dam where another World Water Day event is being held.

If you live outside Winnipeg, please host your own rally or march to highlight how water is not being respected in your community by signing up here!

Check out events in Manitoba being held for the celebration of water.

Our goal is to have actions all across the province to show that we demand water be treated better now and for the sake of future generations.


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World Water Day is Hosted With
Wa Ni Ska Tan: An Alliance of Hydro-Impacted Communities (Cree word for 'Wake Up' or 'Rise Up') works to explore both the positive and negative implications of hydropower for nearby environments and Indigenous communities in Manitoba and Canada. Through community-based research projects, Wa Ni Ska Tan is working to further explore how and to what degree healing, as well as meaningful and desirable social and environmental change, can occur. The Alliance is shaped by the priorities of hydro-impacted Indigenous communities. Principles underlying Wa Ni Ska Tan centre on transparency, accountability, cross-cultural sensitivity, mutual respect, and consensus in decision-making. 


Will you come?

Please RSVP: WINNIPEG World Water Day RALLY : Provincial Day of Action on Hydro and Water
WINNIPEG World Water Day RALLY : Provincial Day of Action on Hydro and Water