Tips for Filling out the Province's Climate Plan Survey

Help send a strong message on climate policy and carbon pricing to the PC Government.

The provincial Government is currently carrying out a consultation process for its new Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan.  They're using an online survey to collect ideas from Manitobians about responding to climate change and how the government should administer a carbon tax.

Thee deadline for filling out the survey has extended the deadline to this coming Friday, March 31st.

Why is it important for MEJC supporters to fill out the Survey?

This is a big opportunity for progressive voices to call on the provincial government to take meaningful climate action.  Manitoba is one one of only two provinces that did not sign the new pan-Canadian climate plan that was finalized in December and there is currently no holistic framework in place for addressing global warming at the provincial level.   Our province urrgently needs an effective plan for climate change and carbon pricing.

In a recent meeting with provincial officials, MEJC learned that most of the survey responses that have come in so far are asking the government to be soft on climate and avoid pricing carbon.  We know that most Manitobians do want to see strong climate policy and a fair and effective carbon pricing system in place.  However, those voices are underrepresented right now.  Therefore, MEJC is asking its supporters to take 15 minutes to fill out the survey and call on the PC government to listen to the science and take bold steps for protecting our planet.

Not surprisingly, the government's survey uses leading questions with limited options in an attempt to produce responses that don't call for fast and effective climate action. In order to help climate conscious citizens navigate the survey and demand an effective approach to building the green economy, MEJC has prepared a short manual.  Below you will find a number of tips to make certain your responses demand bold action on climate change that will ensure Manitoba does its fair share to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Please take a minute to fill out the survey using the MEJC survey guide.


We are also asking our supporters to demand more out of the government's consultation process by calling for in-person town halls. Manitobian's deserve an opportunity to learn about carbon pricing and discuss the options directly with policy makers.  CLICK HERE to send Brian Pallister an email asking him to provide better consultation.


A guide to Filling out the Climate Plan Survey

Survey Page 1: Carbon Pricing

Q1 – How will carbon pricing affect you? (Select one)

Tip: Select the “Other” option and tell the government how your personal energy consumption activities will shift towards lower fossil fuel dependence.


Q2 – What should a Made-in-Manitoba carbon price look like? (Select one)

Tip: Select the “Other” option and demand that the province maintain a willingness to increase the dollar per tonne carbon price beyond $50/tonne by 2022. (Some estimates indicate the need to eventually increase it to over $200 in order to achieve our climate commitments.)


Q3 – How should the Province of Manitoba spend the revenue raised from carbon pricing? (Select your top three)

Tip: Careful of the leading language here. Select options that help low income households, promote sustainable transportation like public transit, and invest in green technology and other clean energy options, rather than simply giving money back to polluters in the form of tax cuts for businesses and agriculture, regardless of whether they change their energy consumption behaviour.

Survey Page 2: Water, Land-Use and Conservation Measures

Q4 – What is the most important water quality issue to you? (Select one)

Tip: The fossil fuel industry and pipeline expansion is an ongoing threat our lakes and rivers. Stopping pollution at the source (by keeping oil in the ground, and not building new pipelines, also benefits our wetlands and protected areas, as well as keeping our drinking water safe.


Q5 – What land use and conservation measures should be used to protect natural areas on private land in Manitoba, while ensuring a sustainable agricultural industry? (Select any of the following that you support)

Tip: Select which ones, you like, but remember that any financial incentives should be backed up by regulations which protect the environment and discourage environmentally destructive behaviours.


Q6 – Which of the following should be used to reduce agricultural emissions in Manitoba? (Select your top three)

Tip: Prioritize options that discourage carbon emissions, and provide direct incentives to farmers for actual behaviour changes that promote management and land use practices that reduce emissions and stores carbon.

Survey Page 3: Living More Sustainably 


Q7 – What is your most common mode of transportation (Select one)

Tip: Respond with your personal/household situation.


Q8 –Please indicate your level of support for each of the following sustainable transportation policies? 

Tip: Select “Strongly support” for all options you feel will incentivize changes in the consumption of carbon intensive energy consumption.


Survey Page 4: Living More Sustainably (continued)


Q9 – How do you currently heat and power your home? (Select one)

Tip: Respond with your personal/household situation.


Q10 – What would help you reduce your energy use, carbon emissions and live more sustainably? (Select all that apply)

Tip: The transportation sector is the single largest source of carbon emissions in Manitoba at nearly 40%. Home heating from natural gas has higher emissions than from hydro-electricity.


Q11 – Do you have any additional comments or suggestions? (Maximum 2000 characters)

Tip: Take a few minutes to add your own voice to other topics you feel were missed. Personalized responses will help break past the limitations of survey.  Demand that the Provincial Government must hold meaningful open and in-person public engagement town hall meetings before the Climate and Green Plan is finalized.


Thanks for taking time to fill out the survey and helping send a clear message to the provincial government.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

Tips for Filling out the Province's Climate Plan Survey