Stop Line 3 Unity Gathering

Together, we will determine what the next steps for the local energy justice movement and battle against pipelines should be.

It’s all about meeting each other, learning what gifts we have to share with each other and figuring out how we can unify so we can stand up for Mother Earth. 

This gathering is being organized by Grandmothers, Indigenous Warriors and community organizers.


This event is FREE! There will be bus tickets available for people attending the event that need them.


Times & Locations:

If you cannot come for the whole time, that is perfectly fine, come for what you can!

OUTSIDE: Friday evening, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm @ 715 Main Street, Circle of Life Thunderbird House (the lodge space outside).

INSIDE: Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm @ 0R30-515 Portage Avenue, University of Winnipeg Bulman Student Centre (the multi-purpose room in the basement).


Agenda & Program:

Friday evening at Thunderbird House –

There will be a ceremony and potluck where we can listen to each other’s stories in an informal setting, build friendship and trust, and clarify some basic objectives for Saturday. 

Ceremony and prayers will be shared by Grand Elder Raymond Robinson, Grandmother Velma Orvis and Grandmother Carolyn Moar.

Please bring your own lawn chair as seating is limited in the lodge space outside.

For the potluck, you are welcome to join us even if you do not have food to contribute.

Also, this is a low garbage event, so please bring your own feast bundle to eat with, a.k.a. dishes, cutlery, mug and/or water bottle.

Saturday at the Bulman Student Centre –

People who were at Standing Rock, North Dakota will share their stories about the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline Project to help increase our shared understanding of the what works and doesn’t work on the front lines of the pipeline battles.

We will also learn about the historical, economic social and environmental aspects of Line 3, and map out how other groups in Canada and the US are building resistance, what they need for support and identifying opportunities close to home. 

Lunch and snacks will be available, so please bring your own feast bundle (a.k.a. dishes, cutlery, mug and/or water bottle) again.


Katharina Stieffenhofer FayFay Henderson Mandalyn Grace Victoria N Inglis Callie Lugosi Jazmine Moffett-Steinke Hannah James Lucas Redekop Bonnie Thompson Madilyn Rose Jantz Norman Gus Lagimodiere Elizabeth Pachamama Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie Wasakahaw Mikisu Iskwew Bronson Jai Ramoutar Megan Linton Dennis Leneveu Rachael Howgate Seren Spectral Blue Mitchell Ally Stoneypoint Chelsea Cardinal Ninoondawah Richard Star Andreas Taylor Orpin David Nickarz Crystal Gidaagakoonz Greene Michael Barkman Kate Cawker Erikat Bockstael Kevin Settee Sofi Valle Soriano Fuentes Katarina Djordjevic Stefan Hodges Jasmine Tea Arlea Elizabeth Smashcroft Harold Shuster Wahlea Cheryl Croxen Shivvy Joseph Laura Tyler Wah Sabbie Audrey Logan Nyree Bridgmyn Karen Ridd Brigette DePape Sheilagh Hanson Natalie Lieske Mitchell van Ineveld

Will you come?

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Stop Line 3 Unity Gathering