Winnipeg Standing Rock Solidarity Update!

Winnipeg is throwing down for Standing Rock! At least 5 vehicles have travelled to Standing Rock since we all met a couple weeks ago, and local solidarity actions are popping up all over the place. A few important pieces of information and calls to action below:

There will be a solidarity action tomorrow (Tuesday) during rush hour on the four corners of Portage and Main. Please come. Please spread the word. Details here.

We have tried our best to make sure that everyone is in contact with the groups and people they want to be working with right now. If you still need to be connected to one of the four breakout teams ((1)supplies, (2)convoys, (3)education, (4)solidarity actions), email [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get you connected with the right people.

The Rideshare Board is still up for your use.

There are supply drop off locations set up around the city for folks to bring supplies to. This map has the drop off locations. Please spread the word and help get supply donations! According to the latest updates, the camp has enough water, school supplies, toilet paper, medical supplies and clothes but really needs:

4 season Tents

Tent stakes



Winter Sleeping bags

Socks, coats, gloves and hats for men, women and kids



Any cars heading to North Dakota, please contact [email protected] to check in about supplies that can be brought down.

We have a gas fund for any cars heading to Standing Rock who might need financial help getting there. Email [email protected] to request funds.

You can join the outreach & education google group.
With the results of the US election last week, the folks holding the line in Standing Rock need us now more than ever – let’s keep it up friends!

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Winnipeg Standing Rock Solidarity Update!
Winnipeg Standing Rock Solidarity Update!