Defending Lands & Waters: the Line 3 and Rooster Town Struggles

Inspiring resistance efforts are challenging the ongoing colonial dispossession and destruction of First Nations and Métis lands. Briarpatch Magazine is bringing some focused discussion in Winnipeg to two such sites of struggle: Rooster Town, and the proposed Enbridge Line 3 pipeline expansion. [More info on both below.] 

What is happening now with these two struggles?
How have state repression, legal intimidation, and media misrepresentation been used to stifle resistance? How can these forces be confronted?
How can people get involved and help?

- Jasmine Thomas (speaking about Rooster Town)
- Geraldine Mcmanus (speaking about Line 3)
- Moderator: David Gray-Donald (Briarpatch Publisher)
More speakers to be announced shortly!

Rooster Town
A former Métis settlement and environmentally significant site, developers have been determined to clear the lands. Read Briarpatch's recent feature article by James Wilt on Rooster Town and the lawsuit launched by the real estate developer against those defending the land: https://briarpatchmagazine.com/articles/view/chilling-public-protest-rooster-town-slapp
The event photo is of the blockade site.

Line 3
The Line 3 pipeline replacement and expansion is Enbridge's largest ever proposed project, running from Alberta through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Minnesota, and ending in Wisconsin, made to carry tar sands oil. It recently was approved in Minnesota by the State's utilities regulator, despite strong First Nations objections. For more:

More details and updates on the facebook event:https://www.facebook.com/events/186408695369543/


Will you come?

Please RSVP: A Discussion: Rooster Town Blockade and the Line 3 Pipeline
Defending Lands & Waters: the Line 3 and Rooster Town Struggles