MB Hydro Accountability Board Selection

Text: Manitoba Hydro Accountability Board

Do you want to see Manitoba Hydro held accountable? 

This is your chance to nominate and select passionate individuals who are inspired to work towards a responsible Manitoba Hydro as part of a unique non-partisan group. 

The Manitoba Hydro Accountability Board will serve as a valuable voice with expertise to respond to Hydro issues. The board will consist of people from stakeholder groups like Northern and Southern Hydro affected communities or as a Hydro employee. It will be made up of people with relevant perspectives due to their expertise, experiences and stake on Hydro’s activities. 

Thanks to the relevance of their experiences and knowledge, this Accountability Board will serve as a valuable voice with the mandate to respond to Hydro issues.  For media relations this will serve as a key piece for holding Manitoba Hydro accountable and to offer support or alternatives to ensure a responsible public utility.  

There is a small honorarium for anyone who sits on the board.

What would this board member be doing?  Check out the proposed Terms of Reference - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PELxM5_Tic0xvVxN4tyQspp1rcwfpNe_EcGa7mQ-wBU/edit?usp=sharing

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We had an excellent public meeting on Wednesday February 10th at 7PM and further defined the system to select board members.

Stay tuned for the next meeting date!


You can submit nominations without attending the meeting and can attend the meeting without having submitted any nominations.


Have thoughts or questions about the Accountability Board?  Please get in touch!

Will you come?

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MB Hydro Accountability Board Selection