Youth Climate Strike Meeting - March 23rd

Congratulationsl The community we are building is amazing. One of the most exciting things about Friday was how many people stayed afterwards - because we need each and every one of you. Thank you for wanting to be involved.

The next opportunity for us to meet up is this weekend!

WHAT: A planning session: goals, tactics and organizing our skills
WHEN: Saturday March 23, 1-4pm
WHERE: TBD, The University of Winnipeg
WHO: Any youth/students who want to get involved
WHY: With so many new people interested in joining, we can make teams and come up with a strategy for growing our numbers, developing our goals, and seeing some results from our leaders!

This will be a strategic planning session to build our power.

This meeting will give you tools to tackle:
-media, outreach, research and event planning.
-the stories we want to tell: the dominant narrative vs. what we think is possible
-the many ways we can intervene (targeting production, consumption, policy, etc) and
-a timeline of actions to achieve your goals

RSVP to this email if you want to attend (but also feel free to show up if you can’t RSVP)

Will you come?

Please RSVP: Youth Climate Strike Meeting - March 23rd
Youth Climate Strike Meeting - March 23rd