Part-Time Work

The Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition is hiring for 3 part-time positions for website, social media, and newsletter coordination!

Application deadline: April 25, 2018

These positions are open to anyone in the community who is passionate about energy justice and seeks experience with digital and online campaigning. The positions are for casual work over several months, and will be paid through honoraria according to the amounts listed below.

  • Social Media Coordinator - $2,000 for casual work over 3 months (est. 100 hrs)
  • Website Coordinator - $1,000 for casual work over 3 months (est. 50 hrs)
  • Newsletter coordinator - $1,000 for casual work over 3 months (est. 50 hrs)

Due to the nature of the work, applicants must have regular computer and internet access. Individual applicants can apply for multiple positions. Hours are flexible and can be managed by the individual in any way that allows them to fulfill their responsibilities. There is a possibility of extension/renewal of these positions pending approval of future funding.

Organization Background

The Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC) is a community-based group concerned with climate change and resource extraction projects as an expression of energy injustice in Manitoba. Our mission is to promote renewable energy and to transform the energy sector in a way that prioritizes principles of energy justice. We do this in part through working to reverse the growth of fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction in Manitoba and promoting responsible alternative energy production, in solidarity with frontline communities. We mobilize on the principles of social justice in our community organizing and grassroots campaigning.

Details of the Positions:

Website Coordinator:
The MEJC website coordinator will be responsible for regularly gathering, posting, and updating content on our website to keep the community informed. Responsibilities may include creating blog posts, creating and updating events calendar, regularly gathering and posting news related to our campaigns, and adding other information we generate to the website.

Social Media Coordinator:
The social media coordinator will aim to enhance social media presence on our main campaigns, Line 3 and Hydro. Responsibilities include managing and regularly posting on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and monitoring online traffic, sponsored content, and performance analytics. The coordinator is also welcome to create infographics and other social media graphics.

Newsletter Coordinator:
The newsletter coordinator is critical for keeping our community in the loop about our campaigns, opportunities for action, and related events going on in the community. The newsletter coordinator would be responsible for producing 2 newsletters per month, including coordinating and gathering content from the working groups and core organizing group, as well as partner organizations.

Successful Applicants will be required to attend regular MEJC meetings and campaign working groups 1-2 times per month on weekday evenings.  They will receive ongoing guidance and support from core organizers.

Application Details:

We encourage all interested to apply. Priority will be given to frontline and indigenous applicants, and secondarily to those with interest/experience in energy justice work in Manitoba. We are understanding of different circumstances, experiences, and backgrounds of people, and aim to provide as much support and flexibility as possible in these positions. While MEJC operates almost exclusively by volunteers, we believe these honoraria will allow people who are not able to volunteer their time to get involved.   Please keep this in mind while considering applying.

To apply, please send your CV and a short cover letter to info@mbenergyjustice.org. Feel free to include links to any of your previous related work.

Application deadline: April 25, 2018

Note: MEJC will be posting additional job openings for 1-2 part-time summer staff (approx. 20hrs/week for 4 months) over the summer. Successful applicants for these digital organizing positions are also eligible to apply for summer positions which may overlap.

Part-Time Honoraria
Part-Time Work