Our Vision and Mission

Who is MEJC?

MEJC is an alliance of Manitoban community groups and individual supporters committed to defending the lands, air, and waters in Manitoba by working to reclaim and protect our environment while promoting social justice in the energy sector. We come together through this coalition to advance a shared vision and mission related to eliminating fossil fuels, protecting watersheds, and promoting resource equity in Manitoba. We are committed to working in solidarity with other frontline and fence-line communities directly affected by fossil fuels. We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba/Treaty 1 territory. We support grassroots opposition in Treaty 3 territory.

Our Vision:

We envision a drastic reduction of tar sands and all fossil fuel development, with an equivalent decline of the for-profit fossil fuel industry’s influence. We envision a shift from a world dependent on fossil fuels to a world of shared sustainable and clean energy sources, protecting the earth and the rights of our communities. We envision a world organized around the principles of Energy Justice and Energy Democracy.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to transform the energy sector through advocacy for social and environmental justice, leading to the elimination of fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction in Manitoba. In our grassroots campaigning and community organizing, we mobilize on the principles of energy justice, environmental justice, and energy democracy.

Our Organizational Pillars and Principles

Evidence-Based Direct Action

MEJC is a grassroots organization committed to creating a mass mobilization of Manitobans to take action on climate and energy justice. This extensive, informed citizens’ movement will compel government and industry to act in accordance with the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) carbon budget that would limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Science and Evidence Based Policy – MEJC is committed to proposing public policy and solutions in line with the best available science and evidence. We are committed to proposing public policy compatible with the climate justice goal of less than 1.5 degrees increase in global temperature compared to pre-industrial times.

Strategic Political Intervention – MEJC is committed to operating strategically within and beyond the current political systems and ruling parties. Our engagement with government is carried out with political awareness, and with respect for the voices of frontline and grassroots organizations.

Ready for Action – MEJC is committed to creating a mass mobilization of citizens to stop fossil fuel expansion in Manitoba through grassroots political pressure on public officials. MEJC advocates lawful mass action and readiness for non-violent civil disobedience if government will not enact climate and energy policies required to eliminate GHG emissions in accordance with the IPCC carbon budget.

Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision and Mission