Grand Rapids Dam Petition
  • Manitoba Hydro is planning to automate the Grand Rapids Generating Station in the evenings.  There will be no one onsite at the powerhouse from 5:20pm-7:00am, starting June 13, 2019
  • Gates will limit local access to ceremonial and sacred sites.
  • The residents of Grand Rapids have not been adequately consulted about this change which poses a threat to the perceived safety of the community.
  • This is inflicting further trauma on the residents of Grand Rapids that has continued since the dam was built over 50 years ago.
Goal: 38

We the undersigned are petitioning Manitoba Hydro and the Province of Manitoba to suspend their actions that will restrict access for local residents and to reverse their decision to leave the Grand Rapids Generating Station without local monitoring/security in the evenings.

Will you sign?

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Grand Rapids Dam Petition