Funding and Finances

In order to succeed in our mission, many people will need to be involved. Part of MEJC’s mission is to fundraise and share our resources, financial and otherwise, with the broader community. In particular, we aim to prioritize support for Indigenous peoples, communities most impacted by energy development, and those participating in or supporting frontline resistance.

Read our Expense Process here.

Funding Request Process:

For those who would like to access the funds, please complete this form. Once a request is made it is reviewed by our finance committee, which is currently composed of a total of 5 Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of MEJC. The general priorities for funds allocation will be discussed by the finance committee and approved by MEJC’s core organizing team.

Pre-approval of funding (e.g. requests before money is spent) is important wherever possible as it is the only way to completely ensure that you will receive a reimbursement.  Only in special circumstances will reimbursements be issued after the expense has been incurred.

There is also a link to our policy around reimbursement at the top of the funding request form.

Funding and Finances
Funding and Finances